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  • Business Development Bank of Canada

    Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) The Business Development Bank of Canada is a Crown Corporation that assists Canadian entrepreneurs through a wide range of financial, investment and consulting solutions. BDC services are available in English and French in over 80 branches across Canada. BDC and Nickel Basin work together to provide business clients with a complementary financing alternative.

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  • Community Futures Ontario

    Community Futures Ontario (CFOs) support community economic development by assisting Ontario’s rural and northern communities to strengthen and diversify their economies. As community-based, non-profit organizations, CFOs are run by boards of local volunteers. They are staffed by professionals who encourage entrepreneurship and the pursuit of economic opportunities.

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  • FedNor

    FedNor (Industry Canada)  is a federal government initiative in the north whose mandate is to promote economic growth, diversification, job creation and sustainable self-reliant communities. FedNor’s goal is to see Northerners succeed and thrive here in the North. FedNor has improved access to capital for small businesses in the City of Greater Sudbury through the creation of Nickel Basin Federal Development Corporation.

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  • Chamber

  • Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

    Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce As the voice of business, the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce advocates for business and community prosperity. Originally formed on October 3, 1895, the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce (La chambre de commerce du Grand Sudbury) represents the business interests of area enterprises and works to preserve and further the operation of Canada’s private and competitive enterprise system based upon individual freedom of choice and personal initiative and responsibility. Representing more than 800 businesses, the chamber has been and will continue to be a  key force in the community’s development and growth

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  • logoGSDC

  • Greater Sudbury Development Corporation

    Greater Sudbury Development Corporation GSDC’s mission is to promote economic development through continued diversification, job creation and enhanced quality of life. The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation is your one stop shop for all things business-related. The GSDC’s goal is to strengthen the economic development and quality of life of the Greater Sudbury area by supporting the expansion of current businesses; attracting, brokering and facilitating new business development; and encouraging continued economic diversification.

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  • NOHFC_bi_blk

  • The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

    The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) is a vital component of the ministry. The Ontario government has provided NOHFC with a mandate of fostering private sector job creation and economic development while continuing to play a significant role in helping northern communities build a foundation for future economic growth and enhanced quality of life. MNDM also works with the Northern Ontario Grow Bond Fund.

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  • The Regional Business Centre

    The Regional Business Centre’s mandate is to be the first point of contact for any new or existing business requiring assistance of any kind. Through consultation, analysis, education and referral we assist thousands of businesses every year. The Centre is equipped with a business resource library and the facilities to register your business name on-line. They also offer one-on-one counselling and business planning assistance through a team of experienced staff, to help you understand the ins and outs of business.

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  • YPA_Logo

  • Young Professionals Association

    YPA provides opportunities for young professionals within the city of Greater Sudbury and between the ages of 20 to 35 years old to meet on a regular basis, to build relationships and to share perspectives through networking events, educational seminars and conference type events.

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  • The Funding Portal

    The Funding Portal  is Canada’s national bilingual Portal for accessing information and  services related to government funding for business. The Portal incorporates TFP SearchTM-a unique database of all federal, provincial and municipal public funding and tax incentive programs, incorporating more than 4200 funds disbursing over $16 billion in funding per year.

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  • PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise

    PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise provides programs and services to women across Northern Ontario who are ready to start, grow or build new opportunities.

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  • Futurpreneur

    In addition to our own financing instruments, Nickel Basin currently administers a loan program for Futurpreneur. The purpose of the program is to provide financing for entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 39 who wish to start or acquire their own business.

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  • Mine Connect logo

  • Mine Connect

    Mine Connect (Formerly SAMSSA) will represent the interests of the largest concentration of expertise in mining supply/products and services from within the most recognized centre of excellence worldwide.

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    NORCAT, a global leader in the development and provision of skilled labour training and development services, today announced the acquisition of Workplace Training and Safety First. Workplace Training and Safety First’s training and development programs, services, and resources in the mining, construction, and forestry sectors will complement and enhance NORCAT’s existing suite of products and services.

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